BEAR Doggy Day Board

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Doggy Day Board

Your dog can spend the day at BEAR Boarding Kennels when you are at work or for whatever reason can not look after them for the day. They will receive the same care and attention as the boarding dogs, their own comfy kennel with plenty of exercise and entertainment throughout their stay.

  • Prices - £15 +VAT per day.

New Pricing

From January 1st ourprices have been revised - please check when booking.

Here at BEAR Boarding Kennels your dog is welcome to day board as well as full board. Whilst day boarding, your dog will have their own kennel and individual covered outside run to enjoy. They will slot into the boarding guests routine and can also be fed if staying over meal times.

If you fancied spoiling your dog with a bit of pampering or training or some extra exercise, these can be booked too.

Dog walking.

If you find yourself struggling to exercise your dog for whatever reason then BEAR Boarding Kennels can help. You can either drop your dog off at the kennels for them to be walked around the glorious fields and footpaths while you wait or we can come to your house to walk them either in that location or near by.

NB This needs to be booked in advance for logistical reason.

30 min's £9 +VAT
60 min's £13 +VAT
Travel to walk your dog. 60p per mile driven.

Grooming Options

If you wish to treat your dog to a shower and spruce-up whilst with us for the day, you can book one for a small fee from £12.

*Payment to be made when dropping your dog off or before.