BEAR Doggy Day Board

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Alex Butler
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The Kennels

Like the Boarding kennels, the Day Board Kennels are lined with non-slip composite mineral tiles our kennels are safe, warm and hygienic for your dog.

'Zippy Beds' and 'Zippy Sofas' are standard, although if your dog prefers a non-chew standard bed can be supplied instead.

Safe & Hygienic

Each kennel has a composite mineral tile floor and walls. These special tiles are non slip so that even with the essential slope on the floor for drainage your dog won't loose their pawing. They are designed to be warm to the touch to keep paws warm and also have a great sound insulation meaning barking doesn't transmit so much and a restless resident won't wake the whole block! The tiles are finished with epoxy grout giving a super clean living area. The runs are also completely tiled, this gives the residents a more homely feel than the typical metal run dividers and also helps to reduce noise and stress. Tiling throughout makes cleaning a doddle so you can be sure your dog is in a healthy and germ free environment. All kennels and runs are self contained so nothing can run from kennel to kennel either.

Comfortable (size)

All kennels have 'Zippy Beds' and 'Zippy sofas' as standard with a door mat by the entrance to the sleeping area for your dogs to wipe their paws. They are all fully heated and insulated. Your dogs will have a selection of toys in a box in the corner to entertain them too.

If your dog has a tendency to chew then the beds can be replaced with, just as comfy, non chew beds!

Your dog is welcome to bring their own bedding and toys if they feel happier which can be placed in their kennel for them.

At Bear Boarding Kennels aromatherapy is used to calm nervous anxious dogs and clear 'Negative Energy' daily.


I take the security of all resident dogs as a top priority so any dog walked off site will be on flexi leads

To ensure the safety of your dog a member of staff is on site 24-hours a day. In the future all the kennels will have a CCTV camera mounted in the corner so that they can still be watched from reception, this means that night time checks can be done without disturbing the entire wing.