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Boarding your dog with passion

Alex Butler
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BEAR Boarding Kennels has a fresh new outlook to kenneling where your dog's stay is tailored to suit their's and your requirements. With the emphasis on exercise and entertainment.

This means that your dog will get plenty of exercise, fun and attention from the staff, as well as a comfy stay in one of our spacious kennels.

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The Kennels

We have kennels to accommodate all sizes of dogs comfortably and exercise options to cater for different fitness levels.

Each kennel has it's own private sleeping area and an outside run where your dog can come and go as they please all day, with a floor space of almost 16 m2 any dog will have enough space to feel relaxed during their stay.

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At BEAR Boarding Kennels your dog will be able to chose from the following activities:

  • Outside grassy enclosures where they can have a trot around and watch the world go by, and enough space to chase a ball if they enjoy a daily run.
  • Large expanse of rolling hills for long afternoon walks with a staff member.
  • Half hour, hour or two hour walks in the countryside.

All dogs will be exercised individually or in household groups. If your dog is a social creature and likes to get amongst their K9 buddies for a bit of a gossip, group exercise can also be done.

Your dog will be fully assessed prior to group exercise, sometimes even old faithful can react differently when in new environments. Either way they will receive exercise and stimulation to keep them entertained and relaxed whilst away from home.

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You and the Kennels

You are more than welcome to visit the kennels prior to making a booking, if you would like to look around then please give me a ring or drop me an email to arrange a suitable time (Scheduled between 11am and 1pm on Fridays only) and I will be more than happy to show you around. Unfortunately a viewing cannot take place when you drop off your dog so please book in advance.

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.... Oh and you may like to know :

BEAR Boarding Kennels is also the home of BEAR Search Dogs, training and deploying Trailing and Cadaver dogs to assist the Police in Missing Person enquiries. You can find out more by checking out the web site, or

Trailing is a technique where the hunting ability of the dog is brought out. The dog is trained to take the scent of a person from an article and then follow the scent in the environment to try to locate that person or further the enquiry . Sometime this trail can be as mature as six days.

Cadaver detection is the ability of the dog to distinguish the odour of human remains over animal remains. Large areas can be searched quickly with the use of these dogs. They are trained to detect human remains which are open to the air, buried, hanging and submerged under water.