BEAR Spa Moments

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Alex Butler
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BEAR Spa Moments

Now your dog can enjoy a little bit of pampering whilst they reside at BEAR Boarding Kennels.

They can relax with a variety of showers, unwind with a massage with aromatherapy fragrances, clear their energy with Reiki or just enjoy a paw pamper.
For resident dogs only terms and conditions apply.

Reiki and Massage

All Prices shown excluding VAT

  Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog
Massage 1hr £24 £24 £24
Reiki 1hr £24 £24 £24
Spa Moments *
Shower * £12 £18 £24
Spa Shower * £18 £24 £30
Colour enhancing shower * £18 £24 £30
Nail trim * £6 £6 £6
Paw Soak * £12 £12 £12
Paw Pamper * £12 £12 £12
Tidy-up Trim * £24 £24 £24
Ear Clean * £6 £6 £6
Facial * £12 £12 £12
Hydrotherapy Not Currently Available

More Info.

Massage - Your dog will be treated to a Merishia Massage which invigorates the body, loosens tight muscles and de-stresses the soul. (I am a member of the Merishia Massage Therapists)

Reiki - Known as Energy Healing, weather your dog has a specific issue or just wants to de-stress Reiki can help with all kinds of issues.

Shower - Your dog will feel fresh and clean and be sweet smelling.

Spa Shower - Your dog will feel fresh and clean and be sweet smelling. Choose from the following treatments: "De-Shedding" - "Oatmeal" - "Itch Relief" - "Comfort" - "Renew" - "Fresh" - "Fresh" - "Nourish"

Colour enhancing shower - Your dog will be the talk of the town and will be turning heads with a colour enhancing shampoo.

Nails - Keep those nails looking and feeling perfect.

Paw Soak - With a vanilla and Milk thistle formula you dog can receive a bit of respite and splendour on those busy feet.

Paw pamper - Paws tend to get forgotten but with all that racing around sometimes they need a bit of attention. A paw and pads check and a hair trim then moisturised.

Tidy up Trim - Smart appearance start with beautiful ears and feathers! With a tidy up trim your dog can be looking special. Ears trimmed and feathers. If you are looking for a full groom or a specific breed groom then I will refer you to my Grooming section were more specific grooming can be carried out. (Note : Not currently available)

Ear Clean - Treat your dog to clean ears, they will have the outer ear cleaned. (NOTE: If your dog needs any attention to the ear canal a qualified veterinarian should be sought, the ear clean will only pay attention to the outer ear)

Facial wash - Using a tearless oatmeal and blueberry formula to gently exfoliate the skin and help lessen tear and beard stains.

Hydrotherapy (Not Currently Available) - From fun swims so your pooch doesn't miss out when residing at the kennels to Hydrotherapy for maintenance or injury recovery.

General Terms and conditions:

  • You will be asked to fill out and sign a short form to record any known allergies your dog has.
  • In the event of an allergic reaction veterinary advice will be sought immediately and their advice followed.
  • Dogs must be used to being handled and be of even temperament.